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who's holding the whisk ?

kerrin rousset is the baker behind sweet lutry, infusing the village with her new york energy and artisanal cookies, while using wholesome ingredients and the finest swiss dark chocolate. expert in chocolate, she began on the other side of switzerland, creating the sweet zürich tour and bringing the famous salon du chocolat from paris to zürich. now she juggles baking fresh cookies and schmoozing at the lutry market, with running along the lake and after her three littles.


photo: hayley hay


photo: fedi gioia

from a little girl sitting on the kitchen counter, helping her mother mix ingredients, to a balaboosta (yiddish term of endearment for an impressive, multitasking homemaker) regularly organizing cookie parties for friends and their children, kerrin has always had a passion for baking. and now she's enjoying it to its fullest by sharing it with others and showing them that fresh cookies are the quintessential after-school snack, for children and parents alike !

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